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EWAN HOOZAMI: Through With Love (2012) Free download

Ewan Hoozami gets all post-modern and samples himself (well alright, his band Syte & Sound) on sweet trip-glitch-hop freebie Through With Love. Heart hurting? Are you spending the day moping about a darkened flat too depressed to dress? Can’t believe that special person has been swinging for years behind your back and has a well-documented ‘amateur’ career on the interweb? Indulge yourself in the soothing strings and message of Through With Love which has just the right amount of nagging glitch sounds to evoke that worm of doubt creeping through even the few remaining good memories you have of the bitch/ bastard. It’s called love. Preview via the soundcloud player below and cop it for nowt HERE or even make the man a donation…

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