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EWAN HOOZAMI: Straight Out Of Charleston (2011) – free download

In which Bristol’s Ewan Hoozami enthusiastically wheels his trolley down the ‘genre aisle’ of the music producer’s supermarket helping himself liberally to dubstep, jazz, ghetto funk and a couple of special offer acapellas from Masta Ace and MJ, among others. The result is Straight Out Of Charleston an entity which builds and builds throughout its duration in a very big, soulful and totally twenty-eleven kind of way. “I’m basically just making up genres as I go,” he claims with some basis, tagging this on soundcloud as ‘ghetto jazz.’ Did I mention it was free? No? Well it is. I suggest you avail yourself of it this instant, for which purpose it’s creator has enabled the bold down arrow in the right hand of the player. Enjoy!

Ewan Hoozami – Straight Out of Charleston (FREE D/L) by Ewan Hoozami

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