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EWAN HOOZAMI: Free mashup madness! – Greg Nice vs. Bob Marley/ Nick Fonkyson vs. Alice Russell/ Parov Stelar vs. Cee Lo Green/ Grinny Grandad vs. A Skillz vs. Public Enemy

Bristol beatmonger Hoozami, gets in on the end of year/ start of new year free download craziness with some of his own. That’s right – not ‘one’ – ‘some.’ Clearly not a man to be outdone, the rising producer (whose debut breaks and beat-fest LP Wildebeats recently dropped on Pig Balls Records`) here conjures up no less than four mashups as he fiendishly engages in splicing experiments with the efforts of the good and the great culminating in the hybrid brilliance of Good Girl Without A Pause as Public Enemy go head to head with A Skillz’ own refix of a Grinny Grandad track. That ought to keep you going through the next few sun-deprived weeks…
Free Mashups by Ewan Hoozami

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