EURO CINEMA: Thank You (The Cuckoo)/ One Kind Of Coffee Ltd. 7″ (2014)

Thank You One Kind Of Coffee Euro CinemaAny wax warriors aghast at the lack of vinyl to accompany the recent drop of Funkstamatic, the second LP by Dutch crew Euro Cinema, can relax a little bit. Painted Dog Records have put out a seven inch of two of the dopest cuts – the gritty uptempo mover Thank You (The Cuckoo) and the guitar-picking New Orleans (or rather, Nieuw Orlijns) funk of 1 Kind Of Coffee. I say ‘can relax a little bit’ – they’ve only pressed 250 copies – 100 on clear vinyl and the rest on black wax. The label reliably informs me that Juno has it in stock though the Juno website’s claiming it’ll be out in a week.
(Out 14 April on Painted Dog Records)

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