EURO CINEMA: Koekwaus/ Thank You (The Cuckoo) (2013)

Bloody hellfire – what have they been putting in the water where this lot live recently ? Dutch crew Euro Cinema used to be on a mellow Blue Note tip but forthcoming single Koekwaus/ Thank You (The Cuckoo) is a little bit different. According to googletranslate Koekwaus in Dutch also means Koekwaus in English – which is a shitty job even for googletranslate especially when anyone who’s heard this can tell you it obviously means ‘one of the heaviest slices of hammond funk you’ll ever hear, complete with an almost garage rock intro and a stomping blues rock middle eight.’ All that in one word? Pretty much. Second track Thank You is dirt too and also features a garage-y bit of guitar and both sound all the better for having been recorded analogue style too. It’s out on digital in February but the band want to release a vinyl 45 too. Record labels don’t sleep!
(Out 1 Feb on digital)

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