ETTA JAMES: I Got You Babe (J.R. Dynamite’s Funk Edit)(2014) Free download

I Got You Babe Etta James JR Dynamite edit[RATING:5] While it’s true that the time-honoured tradition of editing and remixing classics has resulted in some utter abortions – this isn’t one of them. Sydney-based J.R. Dynamite simply lights a fuse under Etta James’ classic soaring funky soul cover of Sonny & Cher’s mawkish and slightly dreary west coast pop hit, I Got You Babe to give it additional punch. No farting around, no scratches, no tinny-ass digital breaks, no wobble bass and certainly no new and utterly unnecessary drops. As a great man once said, just because you’re fucking, doesn’t mean you need to stick the dick all the way in. Cop it below for a Facebook like…

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