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EPHEMERALS: ‘Things Part 1’ video (2014) + Album release update

Things Part 1 EphemeralsThere’s nothing fleeting about Ephemerals‘ timeless brand of old school soul here exemplified on the video for Things Part 1. Singer Wolf Valbrun wanders the streets of St Paul’s, Bristol, pondering what the missus has been saying about starting a family and then notices a million reasons written in chalk on the pavement about why you wouldn’t want to start one: a morality-free society, terrorism, crime in schools, a planet on the verge of environmental cataclysm… Interestingly, he doesn’t mention the terrible screaming or the whole getting woken up at 6 a.m. when you have a hangover. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Incidentally this is a cut off Ephemerals’ excellent debut Nothing Is Easy LP out at the start of September. For further information on that, read THIS from last autumn back when the LP was free. Yes, free. You snooze; you lose…

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