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EPHEMERALS: Easy Ain’t Nothin’ (2014)

Easy Ain't Nothin' EphemeralsEphemerals first appeared a year or so ago as retro-soul songwriting powerhouse Nic Mondegreen rose from the ashes of Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers. Not only had he put together a completely new band fronted by the convincingly raw-voiced Wolf but they put out a whole new LP (Nothin’ Is Easy) to rival the quality of the work of Lee Fields and Charles Bradley. For free. Putting an LP out for free is easy though and as Wolf laments on this – Easy Ain’t Nothin’. What is something is making money off your musical career – so it’s happy days for the band that Jalapeno Records recognised their obvious talent and picked them up – presumably for an album relaunch since it’s no longer available for download. This ‘sort of’ title track is the band’s debut release on a label and accompanied, as part of the promo campaign, by a typically dancefloor remix from Smoove (audio below) and a surprisingly trip-hoppy version from Featurecast. Watch out for the band as they take the world by storm later this year with a stunning soul set as well as by stealth with the sort of artwork usually reserved for major label ‘indie’ bands…
(Out shortly on Jalapeno Records)

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