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THE EMINENT STARS: Bar Shift (Vinyl 7″)(2017)

THE EMINENT STARS:  Bar Shift (Vinyl 7[RATING: 5] The Eminent Stars’ Bar Shift vinyl 7″ is their first new material since 2014’s Sittin’ In With album and damn if it doesn’t top anything on that. Once again the band team up with the whiskey-voiced Bruce James who lays it down about – well – his bar shift and in doing so provides an anthem for skid row intoxicologists everywhere. Always the same faces in the main it seems but he’s working hard and he ain’t never going home. No sir. Just as well too since he’s the perfect accompaniment to this tight, uptempo burner constructed from clattery funk drums, a fiery blues guitar riff and tight horns. Over on the flip is keys-led instrumental Brown Thang which lilts and lopes along like a pimp doing his limp. Hit me hard!
(Out 1 September on Tramp Records. Pre-order now)

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