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EMAPEA: Seeds, Roots & Fruits (2016)

Seeds Roots Fruits EmapeaWhat year is it again? 2016? I thought it was 1995 – at least I did when I heard Emapea‘s Seeds, Roots & Fruits which channels all those Mo Wax comps. from the mid-to-late nineties. Beats? Dusty. Samples? Crusty. Raps? Laid back. Basslines? Chunky. There’s plenty of variety too – Orange and Good Old Days and Milky Haze are dead ringers for early Nightmares On Wax or DJ Krush, Enjoy probes the jazzosphere and Yugen goes a bit afro trip-hop. Best of all though is the uptempo Ultramagnetics-utilising What The Funk – in fact your only problem is working out how to pronounce ‘Emapea’. Thank god you can buy shit on the interweb these days instead of looking a dick when you mispronounce something in a shop.
(Out 29 January on Cold Busted)

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