EL DA SENSEI: Show Stoppa (prod. DJ DEVASTATE)(2014)

Show Stoppa El Da Sensei[RATING: 5] Must be the week for throwback boom-bap because here’s the second such cut, (the first being Danny Spice’s new collab. with Dizzy Dustin) as El Da Sensei surfaces to school the unschooled with Show Stoppa. The Artifacts emcee does this of course through the medium of vintage battle rhyme – “not your normal watered-down clown circus shit/ bring more than three rings come and see that we murdered it” over a rumbling funk steamroller of a beat courtesy of DJ Devastate. The Sensei from NJ then – “a craftsmen…[a]…spit assassin” – even if he does say so himself – but then, you’d expect nothing less. Features on the forthcoming Coalmine Records comp Unearthed
(Out now on Coalmine Records)

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