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EDO G feat. CHUCK D: Fight (2014)

Fight Edo GEdo G (a.k.a Ed OG) has returned with a new album containing the track Fight – a never more pertinent (in these days of massive corporate and establishment corruption) reprise of the spirit of Public Enemy’s ’87 message of fury – Fight The Power. Who to get to join him on record though? Someone with a track record of sticking it to the man perhaps, someone who won’t take any shit – oohh, I know – Chuck D. Wack a beat with some guitar stabs under those lyrics and it’s game on. Did someone say Eye Of The Tiger? Fight appears on the Boston rapper’s After All These Years which is out now and features production from Pete Rock and 9th Wonder (among others) and guest appearances from Camp Lo, Guilty Simpson and Chuck D (obviously) among others. Fight vid below and album sampler below that…

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