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DUBMATIX meets ROOTWORDS: Black & Blue

DUBMATIX meets ROOTWORDS:  Black & BlueDubmatix meets Rootworks on new single Black & Blue which comes in three vocal flavours and two instrumental ones. Most would probably describe the original version as ‘reggae hip-hop’ but check the ‘Hip-Hop Reggae Mix’ out and you’ll find the drums kick harder and the skank is to the fore while other layers (except Rootwords’ bars) are stripped back. Check the ‘Reggae Mix’ meanwhile and the bass and skank are all the way to the front as you’d expect. Want instrumentals? You get the Hip-Hop Reggae and Roots Reggae mixes. Oh and for lyrics that excoriate late stage capitalist economic policy check any of the vocal versions, “So now I live two hours from work/ I need a car…/ …to get to work/ I need credit… /…to get the car/ I need another job to pay off the credit.” Feeling black and blue from continual monetary beating by the man? Here’s your anthem.
(Out now on Echo Beach)

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