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DUB PISTOLS feat. TOO MANY Ts: Crazy Diamonds (2017) + video

DUB PISTOLS feat. TOO MANY Ts:  Crazy DiamondsWith more than two decades in the business behind them, Dub Pistols show no sign of running out of ammo and are shortly to release a new album with the (presumably) Pink Floyd-inspired title Crazy Diamonds. Before they do that though, there’s time to tease you all with the dubby Too Many Ts-featuring Brit-hop of the title track, a slew of remixes of said title track from Jimi Needles (rootsy dnb), Kouncil House (junglist pressha!), D-Funk (ghetto funk) and a Rusty Cravers one (pretty much self-descriptive) – oh – and a video. But how to represent such ‘urban’ antics in audio-visual format? I’m no expert but I’m guessing much graffiti, a single punky blonde chick on a skateboard, assorted somersaulting yout’ and Too Many Ts should nail the feel pretty much…
(Album out 13 on Sunday Best Recordings)

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