DSIBLIME feat. KIRRIS RIVIERE: The Swarm (2015)

The Swarm Kirris Riviere SiblimeThey’re over here – not properly paying tax, spreading extremist views and generally giving the UK a bad reputation – but that’s enough about the ‘non-dom’ owners of News UK, The Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph. Let’s spare a thought instead for those whose countries have been de-stabilised by conflicts about oil – oops – I mean religion – the so-called ‘swarm’ of refugees fleeing violence in North Africa and the Middle East. The very people, in fact, whose plight producer DSiblime and Kirris Riviere explore in The Swarm as they filter the sound of Sugarhill and the vibe of Gil Scott Heron through a 90s prism. There’s even a chilling vocal sample at the end where a smarmy PR man reveals his true nature. Nobody mention pigs’ heads! The track is freely available for charities to use to promote awareness of the current refugee crisis. Check it below…

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  1. Erm…that ‘smarmy pr man’ you refer to is David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. If your going to call yourself a journalist then you need to boost your general knowledge!

    1. Erm…but I clearly did know it was Dave – hence the reference to pigs’ heads which nodded to recent media stories about a certain alleged event during our oh-so-worthy premier’s university days. I take it you did know about Ashcroft’s allegations that have been all over the media. If you did of course, this would suggest that you hadn’t really read the post properly or that a whole layer of meaning had escaped you. If you didn’t, it would suggest it was your general knowledge rather than mine that needed a boost. Either way, how embarrassing for you.

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