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DR RUBBERFUNK: My Life At 45 (Part 2) (Vinyl 7″)

DR RUBBERFUNK: My Life At 45 (Part 2) (Vinyl 7Where’s there’s a Part 1, you know there’s a Part 2 – and here it is, the second instalment of Dr Rubberfunk’s My Life At 45. You what? Yes, it’s a gag – he’s forty-five and it’s a 45 rpm slice of wax. This time the A-side is sax-y jazzstrumental Canvas Cathedral – consisting of a spacey uptempo breakbeat backdrop from Rubbers and expansive horn daubs from Ben Castle. Things stay jazzy on flip A Little Blahzay but slow right down as Izo FitzRoy cultivates indifference while you marvel at the way she turns the sultry up to eleven over shuffling layers of percussion.
(Out 1 February on Jalapeno Records)

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