DR HOOKA presents: A SKILLZ, KROSSBOW, ROAST BEATZ & More (2015) Frome, 24 October

Dr Hooka's Birthday BBQ A Skillz 2015Given a first world mega-city status that puts it right up there with the likes of L.A. and Tokyo, it’s hardly surprising that Frome, Somerset should be the location for Dr Hooka‘s Birthday BBQ – an event that gathers such breakbeat like minds as the mighty A Skillz, glitch-hop supremos Krossbow and a host of others including Goodgroove, Chrispop, Extra Medium, Bubaking, Titan Sound, Leygo, Massevil (the most evil man in breakbeat music!), F-Block, Leygo, Dr Hooka himself and even more. So hip, in fact, is Frome that the all-day event is to be held at a venue so trendy that it doesn’t even have a name yet! – though it appears to be masquerading under an old name that just exudes a sense of the urban jungle – The Wheatsheaves. Did I mention DJ Roast Beatz is playing? No? Well he is. Daytime tickets are £7.50, all-dayers are £15. Check out (or even download) a recent Roast Beatz mix below and get further info. HERE.

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