DON DAYGLOW: Silky Disco EP (2017)

DON DAYGLOW:  Silky Disco EPDespite previous threats to unleash nu-disco/ house hybrids on the world, dayglow disco don, Don Dayglow, has thus far shown a remarkable propensity for sprinkling edit sparkle dust upon lesser known gems from the golden era of daft suits and mirrorballs. In doing so he provides a subtle lift to four OG – er – four-to-the-floor grooves as in the case of his brand new Silky Disco EP. Silky and Featherweight reinvigorate early 80s boogie business while the largely instrumental Oxygen has a funkier instrumental groove but is still heavily punctuated by cheesy Buck Rogers laser effects. Funkiest of all however is the female vocal-led What You Need which leans towards the psychedelic. Of course, such material on such an EP does rather put our man at risk of a ‘visit’ from one Mr Al ‘I do disco round here’ Kent though…
(Out now on Thunder Jam)

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