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DNA RECORDS: Falcon Claw (ROBERT TORRES) b/w International (KUNMING BROS. feat. DIDJELIRIUM) (Vinyl 7″)

Falcon Claw vs Kunming Bros[RATING: 5] Marvel at the musical kung fu of DNA Records as the label unearths lost soundtrack b-boy heat in the shape of Falcon Claw by Robert Torres. No, that doesn’t sound familiar does it? Probably because it was recorded for a martial arts movie in the 70s but never used and then pretty much forgotten about outside the immediate family circle of its creator. Enter DNA owner, DJ DSK, forty-odd years later having a drink with his mate Kris following the sad passing of said mate’s father.  Kris wheels out a recording dad once made and DSK feels like he’s been hit with a Shaolin Thunderkick!  As well he might – since dad was none other than Robert Torres and the recording was the only surviving master copy of Falcon Claw!  Would Kris be up for putting out this uptempo slice of instro psych funk complete with kung-fu sound effects on vinyl? Damn straight! But what to partner with such an explosive cut? Perhaps the afro-beats of Kunming Bros.’ debut cut International featuring the skills of MC Didjelirium. Yep, that ought to do it.  Stay tuned for more DJ DSK news shortly.
(Out now on DNA Records)

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