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DJs CODO & MARK JAMES feat. FRED VALLE: Alright (Vinyl 7″)

Waxnerds Alright 7[RATING: 5] Every night the monkey has the strangest dreams and last night’s was that Waxnerds DJs Codo & Mark James co-opted Fred Valle to help them deliver epic Latin boom-bap vibes with further top shelf acapella assistance from one Big Daddy Kane. Imagine the surprise at MB Towers when the ‘dream’ turned out to be true with the release of the Alright vinyl 7″. Alright indeed! Well, I say ‘alright’, more of a scratch-laced mash-up tour-de-force really. Certainly more than enough to take you back to how it was before when you was funky fresh or down by law. Don’t suppose there’s any chance of the instrumental is there boys? There is?! And the acapella? That too! Oohh – and what about a couple of scratch phrases? Them as well! Unbelievable. You know this is so not going to hang around, right?
(Out now on Waxnerds)

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