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DJAR ONE: Tequila b/w I’m A Believer (Vinyl 7″)

DJAR ONE: Tequila b/w I'm A Believer [RATING: 5] Coming at ya later this month at your favourite on- and offline vinyl emporia (and so hot that it’s already sold out on the Beats House Records Bandcamp page) is yet further proof that the party is continuous at Djar One’s house in Le Havre. The new 7″ serves up double peak-time party breaks bangers with exhibit A being – er – A-side Tequila – a super punchy edit of a Spanish-vocal version of that song which will no doubt prompt both a dancefloor rush and an immediate increase in shots sales of a certain Mexican spirit – once clubs re-open, of course. An equally punchy but even better B-side flips The Four Tops gritty version of The Monkees’ I’m A Believer in a manner guaranteed to convert you on first listen. Only hundred special white copies and 200 in classic black wax – get on it!
(Out 21 September on Beats House Records)

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