DJAR ONE: Soul Kitchen b/w The Changeling (Vinyl 7″)

DJAR ONE: Soul Kitchen b/w The Changeling (Vinyl 7[RATING: 5] Be wary when the clock says it’s time to close now because you sleep all night on Djar One’s new edit 45 at your peril. Indeed, sleep should be the last thing on your mind when there’s still one place to go and that place is the Soul Kitchen. Especially when our man has reinvigorated said organ-led Doors classic with a supercharged drum break. Just for jollies, he then repeats this trick by change, change, changing The Changeling into a party psych-breaks monster for days. Tastefully done without ruining the originals, these are dancefloor sureshots of the finest pedigree, and you can expect DJs to be rinsing both sides of this vinyl 7″ everywhere that plays party breaks for a long, long time.
(Out 8 April on Beats House Records)

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