DJ SHEPDOG: Dub Factor (We Are Roots) (2013) Free download

It must be reggae booty season or something. First DJ Maars, then Titan Sound, now this, as Nice Up! don Shepdog comes through with his Dub Factor (We Are Roots) mashup of the instro from Blend Mishkin‘s We Are Roots collab with MC Jamalski from back in May with rapper Mad Skillz’ rhymes from The Nod Factor. I say ‘now this’ – in truth Shepdog’s blend is actually one of ten that Mishkin eventually collected for his free download LP We Are Mashed – available below including Shepdog’s mix that came out in August. Never let it be said that MB doesn’t have its finger on the pulse. Incidentally, one assumes Mad Skillz unwittingly provided the rhymes – ironic really since it’s usually the public who are unwitting that ghostwriter Skillz has provided

rhymes for all manner of hip-hop superstars from Will Smith to Foxy Brown trivia hunters…

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