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DJ ROAST BEATZ: 5 Week Mash-up EP + ‘Let It Go’ feat. MYS DIGGI & ELLA MAE SUAREF

DJ ROAST BEATZ: 5 Week Mash-up EP + 'Let It Go' feat. MYS DIGGI & ELLA MAE SUAREF Consider yourself about to be fully apprised of all the details of Dj Roast Beatz’ 5 Week Mash-up as the time nears for the arrival of Let It Go (featuring Mys Diggi and Ella Suaref) – the debut release on the man’s new label Cuttin’ It Fine Records. To allay your fears for Mr Beatz’ health, let’s clarify right now that the ‘mash-up’ in question is nothing to do with the stress of launching a new label and he has not, and is not, engaged in (nor has plans to engage in) such a marathon narcotic session as to precipitate thirty-five days of physical incapacity. No indeed, for said 5 Week Mash-up is a project – already well underway – to deliver one free mash-up every Monday in the run-up to the release of Let It Go. The first three tracks – reggae hip-hop beast Big Daddy Shaft (Big Daddy Kane meets a reggae take on Isaac Hayes), dancehall nugget Low Cut Fade (Mr Fingers meets dancehall and crunk allstars) and the rather splendid Bun Da Roof Off (Red and Meth meet Grinny Grandad) are already up for free download with the remaining two to follow.

With regard to forthcoming single Let It Go, you can expect Mys Diggi to work his mic magic over a wobble-bassed reggae hip-hop beat with Ella Suaref’s soothing tones floating in the background and remixes coming from Hiphoppapotamus and Badboe. The latter pair go for a more conventional bass sound on their respective remixes with Badboe upping the bpms too, though for the monkey, it’s all about the vintage 90s feel of the Hiphoppapotamus version. Of course, the vagaries of scheduling release dates are notorious and as things have turned out, Beatz’ carefully planned schedule has been buggered right up and it now transpires that Let It Go will actually appear three days before the final mash-up. Honestly – stuff like that is enough to drive you to drink, isn’t it? Check the original mix of Let It Go and cop the free stuff below…
(Out 22 June on Cuttin’ It Fine Records)

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