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DJ PNUTZ: B-Girl Breaks (2015)

B-Girl Breaks DJ PNutzLet’s face it, the b-boy breaks and boom-bap hip-hop scene can be a bit blokey can’t it? The production equivalent of fart gags, belching and – well…farts. What is needed occasionally is the fragrant presence of female input – though sadly, that’s a far too infrequent occurrence. Happily though, here’s DJ Pnutz, Danny Massure’s new signing on Spring Strut with three slabs of quality, crunchy b-boy – oops my bad, b-girl butter – all guitar chops and fat old funk drum breaks. And that’s never a bad thing. Personally, it’s all about the B-Girl BBQ on the MB stereo system. Nothing to cause an allergy here!
(Out now on Spring Strut Recordings)

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