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DJ PNUTZ: Heart Beats

It might be two days past Valentine’s Day but if you need a special day to be romantic – maybe you’re doing it wrong! In

DJ PNUTZ: Music Beds For Different Moods

After recent full-length forays with LA-based emcee Roughneck Jihad, DJ Pnutz returns to go it solo again on new long player, Music Beds For Different


Continuing their highly successful partnership, Roughneck Jihad and DJ Pnutz follow-up their 2020 LP collaboration , General Jihad & Prime Minister Pnutz, with new nine-track

DJ PNUTZ: Semi-Live Entertainment

Now if the cover art was anything to go by, DJ Pnutz’ new album Semi-Live Entertainment would feature great sweeps of Jan Hammer-esque synth scores

DJ PNUTZ: The Breakmaker

Are you sitting comfortably b-boys and girls? Don’t worry, you won’t be sitting at all once The Breakmaker begins for it is the latest musical

DJ PNUTZ: Work Flow

Two time San Diego Music Award nominee DJ Pnutz is back with new LP Work Flow, the first of two planned album releases this year.

DJ PNUTZ: Play That Beat Mrs DJ

Never let it be said the girls can’t match the beat-making output of the boys as DJ Pnutz drops her third full-length album, Play That