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DJ NU-MARK feat HAAS: Never Be Wrong (Broken Sunlight Series 5) free download + Ltd. USB album news

“You probably wonder why it’s taken so long/ I told you one day I was gonna get paid from these songs” raps Haas on Uncle Nu’s big soul horns beat Never Be Wrong somewhat ironically as it’s free download time from Nu-Mark again. Once more the former J5 dj/producer generously launches his latest single (Haas-featuring ) into the ether by way of advertising both the fifth in a vinyl series of ten inch singles (i.e. this single Broken Sunlight Series 5) and his forthcoming Broken Sunlight album from which the tracks on the singles were lifted. The album itself is due to be released on a limited edition USB in the shape of a Technics headshell/ stylus – see pics below players.

Christ the things you have to do to make money out of making music these days. A few years ago it was all so simple. You made some tracks, hawked them to loads of labels until you got signed and then sat back, relaxed, did the occasional tour and moaned about how the company ripped you off. Nowadays you go to the same effort to make it, put it out there for free, rack your brains for some sort of gimmick to make digital-obsessed punters buy physical copies of your shit, all the while playing the social networking promo game whilst touring twice as much as you used just to make ends meet. Oh by the way did I mention that ‘B-side’ instro Vengeance Is Mine is rather good and crying out for a vocal from someone like Pharoahe Monch or M.O.P. Surely it’s only a matter of time before someone with a laptop unites the two…

(Broken Sunlight Series 5 out now, Broken Sunlight LP out 11 December on Hot Plate Records)

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