DJ MONEYSHOT: Party Favours – Free download

DJ MONEYSHOT: Party Favours - Free download[RATING: 5] DJ Moneyshot takes time off from all that Allergies business to drop a double freebie of fully paid-up old school hip-hop business with Party Favours. That’ll be two tracks then, not on 45 (though you’ll wish they were) with more block party bounce than Kool Herc and Flash on pogos in an inflatable castle. Man, that is a lot of bounce! Both the thumping Back Pumps and the looser Hit The Dancefloor dementedly stitch together the samples like it’s still ’89 and suddenly you’re reminded of the Dust Brothers’ beats for the Beastie Boys masterpiece Paul’s Boutique – a work close to Moneyshot’s heart. So good, you might even want to get them carved up onto a vinyl dub!

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