DJ MAARS vs TOM SHOWTIME: Let Me Clear My Dub/ Loose Juice (2017 Re-bake) Ltd. 7″(2017)

Loose Juice DJ Maars Tom Showtime[RATING: 5] This is what is known in the trade as a sureshot or one that ‘never leaves the bag’. It is, in short, an essential purchase. Yes, it’s the long overdue seven inch vinyl release of a pair of gigantic DJ Maars and Tom Showtime reggae-hiphop booties. On the A-side is the pair’s brand new roof-raising reggae re-version of DJ Kool’s evergreen Let Me Clear My Throat while B-side Loose Juice is the 2017 ‘re-bake’ of the positively seismic Biggie booty that Serato commandos have been long been tearing up sets with. Comes in an appropriately dope (pun intended) green vinyl. Like the man said, “If you don’t know, now you know” and, one might add – if you sleep, you’re gonna weep.
(Out now on Easy Now Recordings)

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  1. I’ll always remember dropping Loose Juice at Secret Garden Party 2012 on Saturday night and it destroyed the place. Great to see it now on the vinyl.

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