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DJ MAARS & TOM SHOWTIME: Roots Party b/w Hungry Busta (Vinyl 7″) + Free Fyah Vol. 8

DJ MAARS & TOM SHOWTIME: Roots Party[RATING: 5] All we wanna know is where the party at so it’s lucky reggae hip-hop kings, DJ Maars & Tom Showtime have the answer pressed in gorgeous, palm green, seven inch vinyl on new 45 Roots Party.  You like the sound of that, don’t you?  Biggie’s Party & Bullshit acapella placed atop a beefed-up slab of rocksteady – why it’ll fuck up the party before it’s even started!  And as you’ll know by now, the flip on these bad boys is always some tried and tested oldie – in this case, Hungry Busta.  Whoah – sounds dangerous – Busta Rhyme’s Dangerous to be precise (with a little bit of DJ Kool too) over another chugging slice of boom-bap augmented reggae.  If only we didn’t have to stop at two tracks.  Well, actually, we don’t.  What?  Yep, that’s right – not content with two tracks on a 45, DJ Maars has only gone ahead and put out his Free Fyah Vol. 8 EP containing yet more boom-bap reggae goodness – Nas all reggaefied on One Dub, and Lil Kim and Lil Ceese on Crushed plus the instro of the former.  Here’s to seeing that action on wax soon.
(Out now on Easy Now Recordings)

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