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DJ MAARS: ’93 Diamonds (2016)

93 Diamonds DJ Maars[RATING: 5] No self-respecting producer of reggae-hip-hop should lack for wax output and DJ Maars is making up for lost time by dropping his second slab of niced-up newness on seven inch with an oldie from his extensive back catalogue of epic mash-up collabs. with Tom Showtime on the flip. ’93 Diamonds follows last year’s equally superb red vinyl Summertime/ Jump Around and finds Oakland’s finest, Souls Of Mischief, rocking steady on a blissfully summery beat with the one and only D, O double G, smoking weed every day on flip-side anthem, Heatwave Episode. And all on glorious yellow vinyl – could green be next one wonders? Don’t sleep!
(Out now on Easy Now Recordings)

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