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DJ FORMAT & THE SIMONSOUND: ‘Statement Of Intent’ tour video (2012)

It seems Ugly Duckling weren’t the only ones packing a video camera on their last tour since here’s DJ Format and his homie The Simonsound with their Statement Of Intent tour video. Apparently the Format camp had access to superior battery life though since while UD were only able to muster enough footage to last the length of a single teensy song, this weighs in at a hip-hop-umentous one hour three minutes. The director’s cut of Lawrence Of Arabia to UD’s episode of Roadrunner, if you will.

Expect original audio and visual from venues around Europe, cutting and scratching from old school hip-hop to psych-rock and everything in between, and a mixture of old and new Format material. Oh – and material from The Simonsound LP Reverse Engineering too. Something for mature b-boys and girls everywhere then. Feel free to check out the unreleased ‘Classic Breaks mix’ of classic Format and Abdominal cut Ill Culinary Behaviour (which features on the vid) below vid, too…

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