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DJ DESTRUCTION & DJ SPECIFIK: Bricolage 1 (Vinyl 7″)

DJ DESTRUCTION & DJ SPECIFIK: Bricolage 1[RATING: 5] Wise Cut Records have lined up an amazing double header for debut release Bricolage 1 featuring DJs Specifik and Destruction. I know! That’s two massive sides of vinyl 7″ goodness right there, as both deejays pay homage to the classics of the cut n paste hip-hop record genre from the likes of Double D & Steinski and Coldcut. On the A-side – Destruction’s Opus #1 presents a kaleidoscopic collage of spoken word and rapapella soundbites while stitching together a resolutely funky selection of beats. Meanwhile Specifik’s AA-side flip, Pause 191, is equally eclectic with the vocal samples and arguably even more promiscuous with his rhythm sources leaping between funky and electro beats. In summary, it’s another object lesson, or more accurately two object ‘lessons’, in how to create a classic sample-based collage and follows not just in the footsteps of the genre’s original grandmasters but more recent contributions from Cut Chemist, Format and Bankrupt Europeans. This release is on pre-order now and ships later in May on eco-friendly coloured vinyl. Oh and there are only 250 copies so – you know – word to the wise and all that – get on it sharpish!
(Pre-order now HERE)

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