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DJ AXE vs. STEREO BEATZ: Funk N’ Breaks (BigMD038) (2012)

BigM regular Stereo Beatz has brought along his mate DJ Axe this time for Funk N’ Breaks or more accurately ‘ghetto funk n breaks’. Not that I’m complaining you understand – as the synths on this rock a funky ice cream van vibe that I haven’t heard since Jake Slazenger brought out Supaphunk about fifteen years ago. Slazenger’s was more of an armchair anthem though whereas the big breaks and bass wobble on this plant it squarely on the dancefloor. Remixes come from Rory Hoy, Fuzzbox Inc, Chudy, Pulpfusion, Myniemo and Ram Skank who variously lose the synths, change the genre, increase the wobble, make it unrecognisable or speed it up. Nobody betters the original though which just goes to prove (as a wise man once said) that you don’t have to put your dick all of the way in all of the time.
(Out now on BigM)

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