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DIZRAELI & TOM CARUANA: People Taking Pictures (2012)

People Taking Pictures, the lead single off new Tom Caruana and Dizraeli hook–up LP White Man (Moves) (due 15 March) reprises TC’s penchant for Bollywood-fuelled beats (check his excellent Okayplayer – The Bollywood Remake LP) while rapper Dizraeli lays into western backpackers. You may be surprised to learn that it’s the picture-taking he doesn’t like – that and the people who take them. So pretty much all of them then..? Well actually he’s particularly concerned with ripping into the kind of idiots who point-n-click at the long-suffering denizens of the third world on a camera-phone that costs more money than the victims will see in three lifetimes just so the photographer’s mates can moo in wonderment back home as they’re told, “Yeah – check this limbless beggar out – he had to pick stuff up with his sphincter.” Nobody likes a digital voyeur. You might like this though.
(Out 15 February)

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