DEM JUJU POETS: Barabara (2016)

barabara-dem-juju-poetsIt should be clear by now that the man behind Renegades Of Jazz, a.k.a. David Hanke is far from being one to limit himself generically. There’s all the Mash & Munkee b-boy breaks for example, the ‘northern jazz’ sound of initial Renegades Of Jazz drops, the subsequent atmospheric blues-tinged breakbeats of the Paradise Lost LP and more recently the afro-funk of LP Moyo Wangu. For Barabara we’re staying with the afro-theme but switching production hats (or perhaps more appropriate ceremonial trappings) to the Dem Juju Poets – henceforth Hanke’s primary outlet for his afro-funk. Expect a brace of driving breakbeat rhythms ritually daubed in horns and chanting (the A-side) and summoning the combined power of woodwind and brass on the flip. An album, Liberated Thoughts, follows in the new year.
(Out 2 December on Matasuna Records)

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