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DEDY DREAD feat. OLIVIA RUFF: Don’t Wanna Wake Up (Vinyl 7″)

“Don’t Wanna Wake,” up sings Olivia Ruff on the new vinyl 7″ from Dedy Dread. I know how you feel mate, the country’s been hijacked by hedge fund managers and their far-right attack dogs, it’s barely stopped raining since September and I tore a nail last night, closing my laptop. Thinking about it, that’s precisely the sort of mood requiring a slice of alt. R&B featuring the soothing tones of Hawaiian singer Miss (very far from) Ruff. If only Dedy could just see his way to enlisting someone like the Rebel DJ to provide an even more soothing bikini-dub version on the flip, I could wake up fully blissed. What? He has enlisted that ol’ Rebel on the flip along with Funkallisto saxophonist Danilo Desideri? Happy days.
(Out 13 March on Four Flies Records)

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