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DAYTONER: Apache Street/ Michael’s Incredible Twin (Vinyl 7″)

DAYTONER:  Apache Street/ Michael's Incredible Twin (Vinyl 7[RATING: 5] Oohh hello, yes please! Daytoner takes time out from re-vitalising northern soul for the twenty-first century to do the decent thing and oversee a vinyl release for a brace of his previously digital-only ‘Shedits’ – Apache Street and Michael’s Incredible Twin. You remember – they both employ the Apache break to devastating effect and deliver a punch that Luke Cage would be proud of. Apache Street is the one that puts the b-boy in to Lou Rawls’ One Way Street while Michael’s Incredible Twin, puts the heavy funk into ska. And that latter one djs means you get to segué seamlessly from ska, rocksteady or reggae hip-hop sets into funk and vice versa. Incredible! Better get yo’ shit together though, they’ve sold out on Bandcamp but there are some left at Juno.
(Out now on Friday’s Funky 45)

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