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DANIEL MERRIWEATHER: Red – 2009 – Single review/ Video

[rating: 1]

“You took something perfect and painted it red,” sings Merriweather on this, where ‘painting something red’ is presumably to ruin it beyond redemption. Ironic really, since this song is yet another pastiche of 70s Stevie Wonder and Elton John, that yet again makes you want to avoid all songs that sound similar. And when I say ‘similar’ I mean both the originals (which is a shame) and the entire back catalogues of balladeering boy bands everywhere which also draw from and subsequently pollute the same wellspring with the rotting sheep of their careers. ‘Nu-soul’ my arse. If anyone can point out how this is substantially different from the last power ballad released by Robbie Williams, let me know. Despite that and the fact that this boy can’t help sounding over-produced even when he isn’t, plus the fact that he can actually sing, this will probably make a sizeable splash (not unlike that of a sheep landing in a well) in the pop charts and be on your girlfriend’s phone before you can say illegal download.
Released 14 May on Allido/ Columbia
Feel free to check the video below and head on over to the Merriweather’s website which, it has to be said, features substantially less awful tracks.

Daniel Merriweather – Myspace

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