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DANCEFLOOR OUTLAWS: Always Bumpin’ The Funk 2010 -2014 (2014)

Always Bumpin The Funk Dancefloor OutlawsPssst! Those masked bandits of the decks, WL and RP (as we’ll call them) a.k.a. Dancefloor Outlaws, are releasing their entire back catalogue from the last four years, including unreleased stuff, dubs and VIP edits. In other words, sixty two tracks of their – er – what you might call ‘extra legal’ edits for a mere one pound sterling. Now that’s criminal! Among the vast stash of nufunk, ghetto funk, big beat disco, and drum n bass booty that these masked bandits of the decks WL and RP (as we’ll call them) have amassed are such nuggets as a Kanye-dusted cheeky version of Clapton’s Cocaine, a summer beach vibes-drenched party hip-hop single Flow (feat. Natty), the big beat stomp of Panda, the ska-breaks of Wonderful a crazy d n b version of Desmond Dekker’s Israelites with JFB and their excellent remix of De La Soul present First Serve’s Must B The Music. Sixty-two tracks: one pound. Why – it ought to be illegal…

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