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CZARFACE (7L & ESOTERIC & INSPECTAH DECK): The Great (Czar Guitar) (2015)

The Great Czar Guitar CzarfaceSlipstreaming the Every Hero Needs A Villain LP comes this new video from Czarface a.k.a. Boston underground legends 7L & Esoteric and key Wu-Tang playa Inspectah Deck (or ‘Rappers assemble’ as I like to think of them) for The Great (Czar Guitar). By the end of it, Esoteric has been torn from a game of action figures with his son, kidnapped, shoved in the back of a van, threatened with guns and a slavering, really pissed-off canine, and we’ve all learnt something about the price of being obsessed with comics and action figures long after you’ve attained adulthood.

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