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COPYWRITE: The Life And Times Of Peter Nelson – 2010 – Album details + tracklist

I remember Copywrite. Wasn’t he the guy who made an appearance right at the end of RJD2’s debut Deadringer? It was a while back – must have been because it was before the kids started rapping over housey/ trancey/ synth-y shit and calling it hip-hop. Back when the underground released stuff that counted instead of the steadily diminishing returns (both lyrically and beat-wise) of recent years. Mind you, that was back when RJD2 made good music too… A lot of claims have been made in press releases about ‘returning’ to the mid-nineties era in recent drops because of the quality of that era’s output. By and large though, the new has been little more than pale shadows of the old. Whether this is any different remains to be seen…but we live in hope. RJD2’s back on production duties for three tracks here though so maybe, just maybe…

Press guff and tracklist below link:
Copywrite – Myspace

Man Bites Dog Records is proud to announce the release of Copywrite’s much anticipated sophomore album ‘The Life and Times of Peter Nelson’ which will be released on November 16th, 2010 through Fat Beats Distribution.

Its been nearly a decade since Copywrite released his critically acclaimed debut, ‘The High Exhaulted’, but throughout Copywrite has remained diligent, releasing a few EP’s, Mixtapes and the recent 8th Anniversary edition of his debut earlier this year to hold fans over until his business affairs were straightened out. Now that this process has finally played out, it enabled Copywrite to approach the creation of his sophomore LP with an open mind and he feels that the two years he spent working on The Life and Times of Peter Nelson will prove to fans that the wait will have been worth it.

With ‘The Life and Times Of Peter Nelson’, Copywrite made a conscious decision to share more personal events in his life and to open himself up and allow the many different sides of his personalities to appear. The varied styles and musical compositions on ‘The Life and Times Of Peter Nelson’ go beyond the genre of Hip-Hop and display an artist who is much more than an underground emcee or a battle rapper.

Copywrite’s ‘The Life and Times Of Peter Nelson’ has so many different sides and variations, so many different personalities and transitions, its as if each track peels back a different layer. The pain, happiness, fears and anger that we all go through is mapped out in Copy’s typical creative excellence. While it is very rare for an artist’s sophomore album to surpass the strength of their debut, in the case of Copywrite and The Life and Times of Peter Nelson this is one of those examples.

For his sophomore project, Copywrite recruited some of the most talented producers working in the music business today. Re-affirming his chemistry with RJD2, he and Copy create two amazing tracks (including the heart-felt dedication to his fallen friend Camu Tao “Forever And A Day” which also features Indie rock group Middle Distance Runner) and the album also features production by !llmind, Khrysis, Rhettmatic, Kount Fif, Camu Tao and Josh Gabriel (of the duo Gabriel & Dresden) who has headlined major music festivals as Burning Man and Coachella. Guests on The Life and Times Of Peter Nelson include Sean Price, Crooked I (who guests on the LP’s lead-single “Crooked Cop”), Dilated Peoples, Planet Asia, MHz, Motion Man and MF Grimm who add even more depth and diversity.

The Life and Times Of Peter Nelson captures Copywrite at his lyrical best and reaching for new creative heights. Tracks like “Bored” find Copywrite airing out controversies and half truths about his life through multiple characters and his sober reflections about painful moments in his past mark “Confessional.” Longtime fans will appreciate the lyrical exercise “Yoga Stretch” and his ode to Kurt Cobain, Biggie Smalls and his grandfather Cipione Mirabella aka Skip Nelson on ‘Wish You Were Here”.

Tracklisting and credits for Copywrite’s The Life and Times Of Peter Nelson:
1. It (Parts 1, 2 & 3) (produced by Surock)
2.Trooper f/Sean Price (produced by !llmind)
3.Wish You Were Here (produced by Twiz The Beat Pro)
4.Smile (produced by Joe Benny)
5.Y.O.G.A. Stretch
6.Best In Show f/ Planet Asia & Tage Future (produced by Khrysis)
7.Mega Mega FT Camu Tao, Tage Future, RJD2 & Jakki Da Motormouth (aka MHz) (produced by Surock)
8.Forever And A Day f/ Middle Distance Runner (produced by RJD2)
9.Bored (produced by DJ Rhettmatic)
10.Seratonin (produced by Josh Gabriel)
11.Future Throwback f/ Jet Jaguar (produced by Twiz The Beat Pro)
12.Three Story Building f/ Dilated Peoples & MF Grimm (produced by Twiz The Beat Pro)
13.Rob The Club (produced by Camu Tao)
14.Confessional (produced by Rob Stern)
15.Alive f/ Motion Man (produced by Kount Fif)
16.Shotgun (produced by Dank Charnley)
17.Don’t Kill Me (produced by the Intalec)
18.Crooked Cop f/ Crooked I (produced by Twiz The Beat Pro)
19.Mother May I (produced by !llmind)
20.Tic Toc (produced by RJD2)

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