THE ALLERGIES feat. ANDY COOPER: Nuff Respect I hope you’re ready for new Allergies material because, Nuff Respect, their next track featuring the increasingly official-looking ‘unofficial third member’ Andy Cooper, has just dropped. Hang on wasn’t Nuff Respect a Big Daddy Kane cut? Yep, it’s rap cover time as the boys re-work a biggie from back in the day and give props to a golden era legend. Like the original, this one loops crowd noises in the background albeit on a more epic scale and with a more limber beat as AC toys with Kane’s bars. Talking of playing around – this is available now as an ‘instant-grat’ track if you pre-order the forthcoming Allergies single. But wait! You thought this was the single, right? Wrong! This forms the flip of the 45. A-side Every Trick In The Book (which the monkey can tell you is also a banger) is yet to go public. Confused? Well, you better take your hand and fold cause this is total control from The Allergies camp! Nuff Respect then, featuring Andy Cooper – don’t call it a B-side! Oh wait – that was Cool J – not Kane.