PALOV feat. LADY FAYE: Troubles (2011)

Probably the best thing I’ve heard off the Cast-A-Blast label this year, Troubles is a big slice of soulful late-night reggae with a dope rnb-style vocal from Lady Faye along the lines of Katalyst and Stephanie Mckay‘s bomb track Day Into Night from back in March. The acoustic feel of Palov’s original gets a heavy dub-fuelled makeover from Jazz K Lipa and is all about the b-line and reverbed horns while Dirty Dubsters apply some jazzy junglist pressha. Also comes accompanied by the mellow skank and French accordion stylings of The Street Boys-sampling instrumental The Dude, the idea for which was apparently born out of an evening spent smoking little, tiny blunts made from Gauloise. Actually, I might have made that last bit up…(Out 14 July 2011 on Cast-A-Blast)

Palov ft Lady Faye – Troubles (promo mix) by Cast-a-blast Recordings

Palov is stepping to the forefront as an artist in his own right. His debut solo release “What’s That” made its way in radio, DJ play lists and compilations worldwide last year, revealing a top notch musicianship with guitarist and songwriter Angelos Angelides.

This time the two of them are meeting vocalist Faye and deliver a soulful vibrant reggae tune with a tripped-out jazz guitar solo, upright bass, distinct melodies and sweet emotion-packed lead vocals and harmonies.

Drum n Bass and dub fans will certainly love the jungle version by Dublin’s hardest working producers Dirty Dubsters, coming with their signature sound and the dub excursions suggested by the talents of Jazz K Lipa (Pepe le Moko, Resense).

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