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COCKNEY NUTJOB: The Django Factor (2014) Free download

The Django Factor Cockney NutjobIf only The X Factor could be replaced by a programme called The Django Factor. What would happen is that all the judges, the audience and every sad fuck that wants a hollow career singing other people’s songs while being sucked dry by the corporate music industry would be gunned down mercilessly by Franco Nero. And that’s it. While you think about that, here’s Cockney Nutjob‘s latest freebie The Django Factor which follows in the footsteps of DJ Maars’ Loose Juice Upsetters-Biggie combo but re-inserts the funky horns chorus that Maars excised from his re-forged Return Of Django beat. This time around it’s a Skillz (a.k.a Mad Skillz) ‘pella who provides the rhymes. Cop it below:

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