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COCKNEY NUTJOB: Luda Kool (VIP edit) (2014) Free download

Luda Kool Cockney NutjobTwo years ago Cockney Nutjob mashed up Kool & The Gang’s Celebrations with Ludacris’s Get Back on Luda Kool. Since which time of course, he’s gained two years production experience. Which means every time he’s listened to his original blend he’s clearly been wincing at certain points – not that he needed to. Unable to contain himself any longer, he’s gone back in the studio, tweaked the beat in particular and the production in general for a VIP edit and is clearly now feeling a lot less like he’s gone out and left the gas on or is giving a speech with his flies undone. So happy is he feeling with this rework in fact that he’s now releasing it into the wild. Cop it below…

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