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CHIMA ANYA & SLONE: Coffee + video

Ok – let’s modern shit up a bit. Chima Anya has been working with producer Slone and the third single to be released from forthcoming LP People Forget is Coffee which finds Anya unashamedly dumping a lady friend because he hasn’t got time for, well, coffee after they’ve done the wild thing. On the face of it, what we have here is something of a seven day type deal – you know like the Craig David song – but with a more misogynistic ending. But wait a second – check the video and all is not what it seems. Perhaps the first clue is the way Anya claims to be on the coffee all day but the next second he doesn’t have time for it. Then there’s the cafe scene which suddenly turns into a club scene and back again. By the time you get to the bloke prancing around dressed as a female Rio carnival dancer, milk being poured onto the table by a disembodied arm, and giant floating coffee beans, you have to conclude that Anya is suffering from severe caffeine overdose, or possibly withdrawal. Just as well he’s a doctor. Yes, really.

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