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CAPITOL 1212: Good Feelin (feat. Mike G, MCM, Cadence, Dizzy Dustin & DJ Sheep)/ Fly Times (feat. Time Machine & Danny Diamond) + video

[rating: 5]
Massive breaks, sweet funk loop and more quality Yank MCs than James Brown could shake his lickin’ stick at? Yes, Capitol 1212 join the few who stand firm on the battered island of true-school hip-hop against the tidal waves of crap that daily batter its shores. They follow up their hip-hop/ dancehall crossover Invade The Carnival with Good Feelin and continue a tradition of UK producers crafting classic beats for U.S. MCs which in recent years has yielded some of the best hip-hop around – think The P Brothers 2008 LP The Gas, Recordkingz’ 2009 LP Heavyweight with it’s super dope Beatnuts joint and Aldo Vanucci & Featurecast’s Tha Liks-featuring Prohibition from earlier this year. B-side Fly Times goes large on the buzzsaw bass fuzz and makes exemplary use of The Commodores’ classic Assembly Line whilst exploiting the combined vocal talents of Time Machine and Danny Diamond to produce a more contemporary sounding cut. Fly times indeed. You’ll be wanting to know the release date is this month then…
(Out 19 December 2010 on 1212 Recordings)
Good Feelin by Capitol 1212 feat. Mike G,Cadence, MCM,Dizzy Dustin & Dj Sheep by 1212records
Fly Times by Capitol 1212 feat Time Machine and Danny Diamond by 1212records

(PRESS RELEASE) Fresh from the success of their recent underground hit ‘Invade The Carnival’ featuring UK dancehall legend Tenor Fly, Capitol 1212 return with another killer collaboration. This time Edinburgh’s finest production duo have teamed up with a stellar cast of US hip hop MCs to bring us one of the finest slices of breezy hip hop we could ever hope for. It may be cold outside but there’s genuine heat coming from our stereo when we hit play on this. Mike G (Jungle Bros), MCM (Caveman), Cadence (Raw Produce), Dizzy Dustin (Ugly Duckling) & DJ Sheep have all conspired to bring you that Good Feelin’ and when the results are as fresh as this we can only be grateful that they did. This is feel good hip hop at it’s very best with tight as you like rhymes from some of the best MCs in the game, a neck snapping yet soul soothing beat from rising stars and precision cuts to keep things funky.

Backing up the A-side is Fly Times, a bass fuzzing cut of modern hip hop soul featuring Time Machine and Danny Diamond. Epic drums, deep sub bass, rising strings and soaring vocals compliment the tru skool hip hop rhymes that keep each verse rolling from one to the next. Imagine Mark Ronson still made records that we liked. It’s tough I know but if he did it would most likely sound like THIS.

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