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CAPITOL 1212: Mix (2013) Free download

Repost alert! Just got hit up by Capitol 1212 who posted a monster mix today of intergalactic boom-bap hip hop, funk and reggae – Cypress Hill, Fu Schnickens, The Honeydrippers, Dusty Springfield, ATCQ, NWA, Dre and reggae/ hip-hop mash-ups galore. Blimey. Sounds like something the monkey would do. I am assuming this is also intended to keep the Capitol 1212 brand in the public’s consciousness while they wait a suitably hip-hop length of time between announcing they have an album on the way and actually releasing an album. The mix was done exclusively for graff/ graphic design/ illustration/ clothing bods and is so exclusive, in fact, that you can cop it below. This ‘tape’ is the latest in’s bi-monthly mixtape Radio Eject – the next one of which, incidentally, is being put together by Rob from Stereo MCs. Get your summer on fam.

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