CANNIBAL OX: Harlem Knights (2015)

Blade Of The Ronin Cannibal OXA mere fortnight since the debut single, Iron Rose, off Cannibal Ox‘s long-awaited second LP, Blade Of The Ronin, comes the second – Harlem Knights. Like its predecessor, Harlem Knights features producer Bill Cosmiq’s take on El-P’s swirling synth-powered beatscapes from the first LP (basically more-or-less the same synths but far more fluid beats that don’t hurt your ears) while Vordul and Vast Aire casually toss out lyrical nuggets like, “The shade of the colour of night is my hue…my magnetism binds like a glue. Boo!”. Blade Of The Ronin drops March 3 – though by that time, they’ll probably have released half of it as singles…
(Out now on IGC Records)

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